Virtual cardiovascular care for payers & ACOs

Our intuitive, cardiology-focused telehealth platform gives health plans and Accountable Care Organizations the power to improve outcomes while reducing administrative friction and costs.

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Learn about the benefits and cost savings achievable with Heartbeat Health.

    Collaborating with the ACC

    Through our collaborative work with the American College of Cardiology, our team of forward-thinking cardiologists continue to shape and facilitate the use of cardiology-specific telemedicine in medical practices across the nation.

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    Secure and flexible architecture that makes it fast and easy for patients to connect and consult with a cardiologist.


    Access to unique insights to improve health for your members as you reduce costs and increase care.

    Full Spectrum

    Reduces negative heart events in moderate-to-high risk and post-hospital cardiovascular patients.

    Data-driven cardiology

    Heartbeat Health‘s complete model heart disease management incorporates low-cost devices and wearables, in addition to patient and provider engagement.

    Our analytics engine gives cardiologists the ability to flag and fix concerns in real-time and avoid unnecessary hospitalization. These vital stats also help payers and ACOs make informed decisions about access, services, and coverage.

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    Heartbeat Health App

    Gain access to insights

    Heartbeat Health has cardiology-focused telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring, and provides panel management powered by our unique analytics engine.

    Leverage our platform through these programs:

    • 100 Days of Heartbeat™ — for post-acute care
    • Heartbeat 365™ — for ongoing risk management

    Ready to learn more? Contact us today for a personalized look at these programs and your potential annual savings, calculated with our high touch, proven virtual cardiovascular model.

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