Telemedicine for Cardiologists

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    secure video & audio sessions
  • Attract new patients seeking virtual care
  • No additional cost to your practice to provide cardiology-specific telemedicine
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    An app built by cardiologists for cardiologists. Request access today.

    Heartbeat Health is the first telemedicine and virtual care platform tailored to cardiologist needs.

    Founded by leading digital-health cardiologist, Dr. Jeff Wessler, and a team of innovative technologists, Heartbeat Health provides a full-service virtual care solution for cardiologists to better support and serve their patients.

    As physicians, our purpose is to find solutions for the communities we serve. Heartbeat Health is dedicated to the same mission. We provide the means to modernize your practice and convert your office into a virtual practice, allowing for efficient and high-quality remote care.

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    Cardiologist Onboarding

    Apply: Join our network of doctors offering patients a cardiology-specific telemedicine platform. We’re offering qualified physicians access at no cost.

    Quick and Easy Implementation: Heartbeat Health provides a comprehensive and informed implementation plan, including kick-off, step-by-step setup, ongoing training, and 24/7 product support.

    Start Seeing Patients: Offer life-saving and comforting virtual doctor’s visits and personalized preventative care through a platform designed to meet cardiologist needs.

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    Heartbeat Health App

    Our app connects you to the community you serve, reassuring them that you’re there when they need you. It offers advice and tools to support digital health changes specific to heart health and cardiology. It’s easy to use and gives you the ability to:

    • Run your practice from wherever you are
    • Have the medical and patient data you need at your fingertips
    • Monitor changes in your patient’s condition in real-time
    • Easily connect with your patients in seconds
    • Access insights from a network of cardiologists

    We make virtual cardiology happen. The technology fades into the background so you can focus on being a cardiologist, not a technologist.

    Heartbeat Health App


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