Compliance Issues & Reporting

Effective Date: July 12, 2022

It is the responsibility and duty of all Heartbeat Health employees to immediately report any known or suspected misconduct, violations of law, or other wrongdoing.

The Compliance program and associated submission form were established to allow employees to confidentially report known or suspected fraud or abuse, potential problems or concerns, violations of law, and HIPAA-related concerns.

The reporting form allows anonymous reporting, if you prefer. Please fill it out as completely as possible, and submit the form.  The submission notifies the Heartbeat Health Chief Compliance Officer with details provided in the form.

Heartbeat Health employees who report actual or potential violations or compliance concerns in good faith, regardless of whether or not a violation is found to have occurred, shall not be subject to retaliation, retribution, or harassment.

Compliance Reporting Form

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c/o Compliance Office
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