Cardiologists on Demand

A new standard for virtual care, offering a full-service telemedicine platform for cardiology that connects patients, doctors, employers, and long term care facilities.

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Heartbeat Health Virtual Visits
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In these uncertain times, where social distancing is the best medicine, Heartbeat Health brings cardiologists and patients together face to face.

80% of cardiovascular disease deaths, from events such as heart attack and stroke, are attributable to preventable factors including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor diet, inactivity, and many others.

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We Think Heart Care Can Be Better

That’s why we created a full-service telemedicine platform for cardiology that keeps people healthy with actionable insights and tailored engagement, instead of only connecting with them when they’re sick.

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Heartbeat Health Virtual Medical Visits

Virtual Cardiology Visits Keep You Connected

Patients and cardiologists can securely meet online, share information in real-time, and collaborate on treatment. Long-term care facilities can always have a cardiologist on call, and companies can offer employees virtual heart health care leading to cost savings.

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We’re proud to have served over 20,000 people with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

"This is a unique approach to healthcare. I hope their model expands into other parts of the medical profession”

Nate S., Heartbeat Member

"Honestly the best/easiest visit to the doctor ever. They are super great with modern technology.

Bryan S., Heartbeat Member

"Heartbeat Health went the extra mile to make my members feel safe and at ease during their visit to our WeWork in Midtown East.

Sidney K., Heartbeat Partner

“Jana was wonderful; she was very warm and personable. She also provided excellent advice on how to manage my heart health. This was one of the best experiences I have had with a specialist.”

Bereket G., Heartbeat Member

"The Heartbeat experience was so seamless and appreciated by our employees! It was great to be able to get my results quickly and actually speak to a doctor with any questions."

Sarah D., Heartbeat Partner

“Because of the quarantine, an office visit was not possible. Heartbeat accommodated me with an online session. The doctor listened to my ailments and determined a plan of action right away. He relayed a level of concern that put me at ease.”

David B., Heartbeat Member

“Dr. Wessler was terrific. Really took the time to explain things and make sure we had a regimen for getting me on the right track. Was the first time in a long time I felt really taken care of by a heart doctor.”

Kenneth M., Heartbeat Member

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