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Leading cardiologist Dr. Jeff Wessler and a team of innovative technologists have created a virtual care platform that connects cardiologists, individuals, employers, and long-term care facilities in a simple, groundbreaking app.

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Heartbeat Health Virtual Medical Visits

Virtual Cardiology Visits Keep You Connected

Patients and cardiologists can securely meet online, share information in real-time, and collaborate on treatment. Long-term care facilities can always have a cardiologist on call, and companies can offer employees virtual heart health care leading to cost savings.

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We Think Heart Care Can Be Better

That’s why we created a full-service telemedicine platform for cardiology that keeps people healthy with actionable insights and tailored engagement, instead of only connecting with them when they’re sick.

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I am a…

Doctors have to use different tools, research, and guidelines to provide cardiovascular care. Now, with Heartbeat Health’s telemedicine platform, you can run your practice from wherever you are and have all the data that you need at hand. Our app consolidates a large amount of information and can surface insights in real-time that will impact care and lower cardiovascular risk.

Augmenting patient experiences with additional insights and context while you’re speaking on a human level is a superpower we can provide to cardiologists. We make virtual cardiology happen, and the cumbersome backend work fades into the background, so you can focus on being a cardiologist, not a technologist.


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Heartbeat Health makes cardiac care for your employees and their adult family members far more convenient, at considerably less cost, with an improved experience and far better outcomes.

Our mission is to offer virtual treatment for your employees at risk for Cardiovascular disease via telemedicine. Empower your team with virtual heart health screenings and cardiology visits, access to CVD risk scores, and other key tracking metrics, as well as health coaching.  Lower your costs and:

  • Reduce cardiovascular risk.
  • Decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Improve lifestyle risk, such as smoking.
  • Increase productivity.

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Heartbeat Health has transformed the delivery of services in Long Term Care Facilities by providing 24/7 elite, on-demand internal and specialty care through telemedicine. We empower administrators and the nursing staff through 24/7 virtual connectivity to our broad network of physicians, effectively and exponentially expanding your access to doctors when they are needed.

A physician is always one click away. The result is fewer visits to the ER, which is a better, less stressful, and less expensive experience — an absolute win for facilities, residents, and their families

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Increase your physical and emotional wellbeing with the Heartbeat Health app. With this virtual telemedicine tool in your hand, you can go to the cardiologist from the comfort of your home, receive treatment, and track your heart’s performance in real-time.

Your cardiologist is always on call and can manage your health 24/7. Many of us use Apple Watches, Fitbits, special diets, and medicines to stay healthy. With Heartbeat Health, you can share those lifestyle choices with your physician to make sure you’re making the best choices for your care.

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