Heartbeat TBD Name™

The new way to identify, diagnose
& deliver on-time heart care.

Same-Day Diagnostic Interpretation

Remote Interpretation

The largest virtual cardiology team in the country

Reads in the Cloud

Capture accurate clinical diagnoses for at-risk patients, everywhere.

Proactive Heart Care

Address unmanaged or undiagnosed heart conditions & close care gaps

Diagnostic Partners


Timely interpretations of all cardiac diagnostic tests


Continuous Rhythm Monitoring

Vascular Testing


Heartbeat TBD reimagines how cardiovascular disease is detected.

Tech-enabled Human Touch

ECG Reads

Virtual reads from actual clinicians

Speed to Diagnosis

~24 hour turnaround 
(average turnaround time)

Seamless follow-up care (as needed)

Heartbeat Televisits

~48 hours vs 48 days for a virtual visit (average wait time)

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