On-demand diagnostic solutions for connected health devices

Our technology and clinical capabilities, including a virtual cardiology team operating in all fifty states, provides device companies the ability to clinically validate the heart health vitals of their consumers.

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Heartbeat & Withings

We currently support on-demand clinical ECG readings for Withings new FDA approved ScanWatch, now available in the US as of November 9, 2021.

Using the Withings Health Mate app combined with Heartbeat’s seamless technology integration, the ECG is then pinged real-time to Heartbeat Health’s virtual cardiology team for clinical interpretation.

The result? Individuals can quickly become more informed and understand their heart health better — and share that information with their doctors. 


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“Withings approach to their ScanWatch is groundbreaking. We are thrilled to be the clinical partner to help Withings users understand their heart health better – quicker than has ever previously been possible.”

Jeff Wessler MD, MPhil, FACC
Founder + CEO, Heartbeat Health

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