Heartbeat Health is proud to be in a formal collaboration with the American College of Cardiology to support the digital transformation of cardiovascular care.

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An app built by cardiologists for cardiologists.

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A new era in heart health.

Heartbeat Health is setting a new standard for virtual care, offering cardiologists a full-service telemedicine platform that connects patients, doctors, employers, and long-term care facilities in one simple, groundbreaking app. Now you can…

  • Run and grow your practice from anywhere
  • Monitor your patient’s condition remotely with Measure
  • Hand off patients between staff for easy care coordination
  • Access patient data for real-time, actionable insights
  • Include multiple people in the same virtual visit
  • Use Instant Visit to connect with your patients in seconds

Join our network today for full access to our complete, cardiology-specific telemedicine platform that empowers practice and patient interaction and supercharges preventative care.

Get the most out of telecardiology with our virtual education:

Virtual Cardiology 101

Scaling Virtual Cardiology

Telemedicine is just the beginning…

Heartbeat Health is unique because it’s a complete mobile-first model for cardiovascular and heart disease management that incorporates low-cost devices and wearables, in addition to enabling patient and provider engagement. Our platform includes diagnostic data to monitor a patient’s vital stats wherever they are, in real-time.

Cardiologists can view insights, flag and fix concerns, and avoid patient hospitalization. It’s preventative care, realized.

These features go beyond telemedicine, fulfilling the promise of Heartbeat Health and our collaboration with the American College of Cardiology. Learn more about our work together.

Shaping the future of cardiology.

The practice of medicine is changing, now integrating technology and virtual care in almost every aspect of health and patient interaction. The future includes telemedicine.

Avoid the noise from generic telemedicine platforms here because of COVID-19. Heartbeat Health is the first platform built by cardiologists for cardiologists, and in 2020 we opened it up to everyone. A joint network of physicians on a single platform built for specialty care achieves a much better outcome, protecting the future of how we provide care and ensuring we continue to evolve in the right way.



We’re working with ACC innovators to ensure the best telehealth solution.

Ami B. Bhatt, MD, FACC
Work Group Chair

Our collaboration with Heartbeat Health is an opportunity to create a cardiac specific model for virtual care. We have the right use cases, invested and empowered patients, and now, the right platform to help us partner in truly comprehensive care.

Sanjeev Bhavnani, MD, FACC


Heartbeat Health understands how cardiovascular clinics can adopt telehealth for streamlined workflows – advancing how digital health is used to improve chronic disease management and patient engagement.

Ankit Bhatia, MD


Heartbeat Health’s easy-to-use application with incorporated patient data greatly helps to streamline clinical workflows and eliminate many of the redundancies present in other telehealth platforms.

Andrew M. Freeman, MD, FACC

Heartbeat Health is an amazing tool for cardiology in practice today. With a quick download of an app, Heartbeat has made virtual visits and telehealth as easy as answering a phone call!

Dipti Itchhaporia, MD, FACC


American College of Cardiology Vice President 2020-2021 and contributing innovator to the ACC & Heartbeat Health collaborative Work Group.

Ritu Thamman, MD, FACC


Heartbeat Health’s platform for cardiologists reinforces ACC’s mission to optimize cardiovascular care with innovation and knowledge so we can see our patients anytime, anywhere.

John S. Rumsfeld, MD, PhD, FACC


American College of Cardiology Chief Innovation, Science and Quality Officer, and contributing innovator to the ACC & Heartbeat Health collaborative Work Group.

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