About Heartbeat Health

Heartbeat Health is the first telemedicine and virtual care platform built by cardiologists for cardiologists.

Created by leading cardiologist Dr. Jeff Wessler and a team of innovative technologists, Heartbeat Health is a full-service telemedicine platform that connects patients, doctors, employers, and long-term care facilities in a simple, groundbreaking service.

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Reinventing Cardiology Care

As physicians, technologists, and most importantly, as patients, we asked: can heart care be better? It can be.

Four years ago, Dr. Wessler leveraged his expertise from academic cardiology to create a new standard for virtual care that would keep people healthy instead of just treating them when they’re sick. He teamed up with an incredible group to forge what is now Heartbeat Health.

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Our Mission: Empowered Heart Health

Heartbeat Health has served over 60,000 patients and opened our platform to everyone in 2020 to continue to serve more. We believe we can save millions from cardiovascular disease.

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Join us. We’re a team of healthcare innovators with the courage to ask… why not?

Join our diverse team of world-class physicians, engineers, scientists, designers, and innovators working to transform heart care.

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