Telecardiology for Primary Care

Heartbeat Health is the only telemedicine platform that connects cardiologists, patients, and primary care physicians. It makes coordinated heart care transparent and easy.

  • Simply and quickly refer to in-network cardiologists
  • Provide affordable, easy-to-use virtual heart care
  • Reduce paperwork and increase clinic efficiencies
  • Keep your patients with their trusted care teams
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Simple & safe virtual heart care for your patients. Stress-free care coordination for you.

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Together we can reduce heart events and proactively improve patient outcomes.

Heartbeat Health is a virtual clinic and heart care platform allowing your staff instant access to our broad network of physicians. Unlike most telemedicine services, Heartbeat is easy to implement and even easier to use, with unique tools and resources created for cardiology-focused care.

Heartbeat is the only telemedicine service that combines virtual visits with at-home diagnostics and allows you to collaborate directly with a cardiologist. We empower you and your patients with the tools needed to deliver complete, preventive heart care while reducing the complications that can come with face-to-face transfers.

Keep your patients safe, reduce hospitalizations, and increase access to quality care with Heartbeat.

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Virtual Heart Care Made Easy

Heartbeat is a complete model for heart disease management. Offer your patients access to true, preventative heart care and improved outcomes from the comfort of home. Refer your patients today so they can access:

  • HIPAA compliant video visits in 24 hours or less
  • Convenience of a heart care provider wherever they are
  • Open communication & collaboration with their care teams
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Easy To Use

Mobile-first virtual care that’s safe, simple, and easy for patients to use.

Improve Heart Health

Enhanced quality of patient care and increased access.

Always Connected

Patients quickly see an in-network Cardiologist when they need to.

Collaborating with the ACC

Through our collaborative work with the American College of Cardiology, our team of forward-thinking cardiologists are digitally transforming heart care for patients and providers across the nation. Find out how our ongoing work will result in better service, patient outcomes and network best practices.

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