Evolve & grow your Cardiology Practice

Heartbeat’s best-in-class telemedicine platform is a complete model for cardiovascular and heart disease management, with features created just for cardiology care and resources to support patient engagement.

It’s simple to use, but specialized enough to meet the unique needs of your practice.

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An app built by cardiologists for cardiology care.

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Heartbeat empowers you and your clinicians.

As clinicians, our purpose is to find solutions for the communities we serve. Heartbeat Health is dedicated to the same mission. We provide the means to modernize your practice and convert your office into a virtual clinic, allowing for efficient and high-quality remote care.

Heartbeat is easy to set up and even easier to use. The intuitive workflow of the app combined with the flexibility of our various features allows you to provide better care and better outcomes to your patients.

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Ongoing Support

A dedicated practice support team allows for less trouble-shooting by administrators.


Easily track vitals and help manage lifestyle choices to ensure better patient outcomes.

Stay Connected

Provide simple to use virtual heart care to your patients in a matter of seconds.

Our app keeps you connected to your patients.

It offers the tools and resources critical to supporting digital care needs unique to heart health and cardiology.

  • Run your practice from anywhere
  • Remotely monitor your patient’s condition with Measure
  • Access patient data for real-time, actionable insights
  • Connect in seconds with Instant Visit
  • Hand off patients between staff for quick care coordination
  • Easily view critical patient context and data before a virtual visit
  • Help your patient’s manage lifestyle choices with Programs

It’s now easier than ever to evolve and grow your practice. We make virtual cardiology happen.

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Onboarding your practice is simple.


Join our network of clinicians to begin offering patients a cardiology-specific telemedicine platform. Qualified practices can receive access at no cost.

Quick and easy implementation

Heartbeat Health provides a comprehensive implementation plan, including kick-off, step-by-step setup, ongoing training, and 24/7 product support.

Start seeing patients

Offer complete and personalized preventative, virtual heart care through a platform designed for cardiology. Start seeing your patients instantly.

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