Introducing Measure

Heartbeat is the only virtual heart health platform that combines at-home diagnostics directly with telehealth, giving cardiologists access to data and information not available in general telemedicine apps.

  • Monitor vital indicators from anywhere, anytime
  • Select the data you want to track
  • Improve patient outcomes
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Virtual Cardiology: Clinical Management Through Telehealth

Monitoring patient lifestyle and vital stats like blood pressure, heart rate, and weight allows cardiologists to flag concerns and stop problems before they get worse.

This free feature is simple to use and available to any provider on the Heartbeat Health platform.

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Reduce Risk and Improve Outcomes

Remote patient monitoring empowers cardiologists and patients to reduce negative heart events and proactively improve outcomes, safely. It’s all about surfacing actionable insights that will impact care and lower cardiovascular risk.

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Vital Stats

Offer remote patient monitoring in one click and at no cost to you

Risk Assessment

Surface actionable patient insights in real-time, from anywhere

Early Intervention

Proactively engage your patient and intervene before problems escalate

Get Started with Measure

Track patient lifestyle and vital stats like blood pressure, heart rate, weight, in the Heartbeat app, and intervene before it’s too late. It’s easy to offer this service:

  • Start an Instant Visit or in-app appointment
  • Follow the prompts to enroll your patient
  • Access lifestyle and vital stats

Heartbeat will send your patients reminders tailored to their schedules, encouraging them to enter and track their information. This data is aggregated inside of the app, where you can view it at any time, even during your telemedicine visits.

It’s more important than ever for cardiologists to offer comprehensive virtual care. For questions, technical support or assistance, email us or call (646) 586-9908.

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