Real-time consultations. Reduced ED visits.

Connect with a Heartbeat physician the moment it’s required.

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Easy to implement. Easier to use.

Our cost-effective telemedicine service provides:

24/7 support and phone access

Real-time triage and consults

Same-day specialty consults

Work within your EMR

Our web-based service reduces ED transfers in 3 steps:

1) Real-time Consult Request

Use our simplified web-based form to submit case information and request a physician consult before transferring patients to an ED. 

2) Virtual Physician Consult

Connect by video call for triage and care support. Facility EMR is used to inform decisions, coordinate with onsite PMDs, and ED staff if required.

3) Comprehensive Follow-Up

Overnight telemedicine. Same-day follow-ups for at-risk CVD patients. Virtual consults in-house for a variety of specialities.

Value-based care with proven outcomes. 

Heartbeat is proud to manage care for 5,000+ long-term care residents. Our telemedicine solution reduces ED transfers by 35% — 27% more than the national average.

Support... every step of the way.

Heartbeat provides a comprehensive and informed implementation plan, including kickoff, step-by-step setup, ongoing training, and 24/7 product support.

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