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80% of cardiovascular deaths from events like heart attack and stroke are tied to preventable factors. Now more than ever, you have to minimize that risk. Take control of your heart health:

  • Find a new cardiologist
  • Receive live and secure virtual care
  • Get cardiology care personalized for your needs
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Heartbeat Health connects you with best-in-class cardiology care from the comfort of your home.

In these uncertain times, where social distancing seems to be the best medicine, Heartbeat Health brings your cardiologists to you, with face to face, best-in-class care personalized for your needs.

Founded by leading cardiologist Dr. Jeff Wessler and a team of highly innovative technologists, Heartbeat Health provides a full-service platform for you to connect with your cardiologist without any of the risks currently associated with office visits.

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Heartbeat Midtown, New York City

Come visit us in our convenient Midtown office, located a few blocks from Central Park.

156 W 56th Street, Suite 1000
New York, NY 10019


Reduce blood pressure, cholesterol & heart events.

Heartbeat Health empowers you to take charge of your health. Connect with us today to:

  • Find your cardiologist or search for a new one
  • Receive personalized care & health coaching tailored to your needs
  • Track and share vital indicators when it’s convenient for you
  • Set up reminders to take your heart medicine
  • Get curated content tailored to your care plan

Your cardiologist is always on call. Manage your lifestyle choices with your physician to ensure you’re making the best choices for your care.

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