Heartbeat Programs

At-home diagnostics and lifestyle management combined with telehealth, giving you and your patients a complete and comprehensive virtual heart care platform.

  • Monitor vital indicators anywhere, anytime
  • Track medication adherence
  • Collaboratively manage lifestyle choices
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Provide patients complete preventative care with Heartbeat Programs.

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Virtual heart disease management.

Heartbeat Programs elevates Measure, Heartbeat’s free remote patient monitoring feature. It’s easy to use and keeps patients engaged with a combination of reminders and curated content tailored to their individual needs.

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Track Vitals

Offer one-click remote patient monitoring as part of your patient’s ongoing care.

Influence Lifestyle

Collaboratively manage your patient’s lifestyle choices to ensure better outcomes.

Monitor Adherence

Track adherence to prescribed medication and intervene when your patients need it.

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Heartbeat Programs provides added value to your patients, empowering them to stay fully involved and giving you the data you need to inform better care.

  • Patients get started in Programs through the Heartbeat App
  • Enroll your patients in Measure during their next appointment
  • Custom content and reminders are delivered to your patient
  • Monitor adherence and keep patients engaged in their care

It’s more important than ever for cardiologists to offer comprehensive virtual care. For questions, technical support or assistance, email us or call (646) 586-9908.

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