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Welcome to Heartbeat Health

Heartbeat Health is the first telemedicine and virtual care platform tailored to cardiology. We empower patients to take control of their heart health and help cardiologists to easily connect with their patients anytime, anywhere.

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Getting Started With Heartbeat

Receiving better heart care from the comfort of your home is safe and easy. Start by downloading the Heartbeat Health App through your device app store, or get connected in seconds with Instant Visit.

View our quick step-by-step guide below to learn more.

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Step one

Your cardiologist will send a text message directly to your mobile phone at the time of your appointment.

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Step Two

Within the text message you’ll find a link – simply tap on this to begin your telemedicine visit.

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Step Three

Securely, and from the comfort of your own home, connect with your cardiologist in seconds.

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We’re Here To Empower You

A full-service telemedicine platform means we give you all the tools you need to be successful in taking control of your heart health.

Have additional questions? Need help getting started? Learn more in our FAQ below or make the most of your virtual visit with our best practice tips.

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For technical support or assistance, email us or call (646) 586-9908.


Is your platform safe?2020-05-11T18:37:56+00:00

Yes, video communication is HIPAA-compliant.

How many patients has Heartbeat Health cared for?2020-05-13T16:41:08+00:00

Over 20,000 patients and growing.

Does your platform support hearing-impaired individuals or foreign languages?2020-05-11T18:48:05+00:00

We’re currently working on the technology to support foreign languages and the hearing-impaired.

Can I navigate away from my cardiologist’s waiting room without losing my spot?2020-05-11T19:51:42+00:00

Yes, if you want to pass the time on other applications, you can do so. However, do not hit cancel on the waiting room screen. This will exit you from the waiting room. Simply leave the app open and navigate away to other applications you may wish to use. You will be notified via an app notification when your doctor is ready to see you.  

How do I get the video working?2020-09-09T18:07:45+00:00

On your first virtual visit, you will be prompted to allow Heartbeat Health access to your phone’s video functionality. To ensure you have no trouble connecting, prior to your visit you should check that you have a strong internet signal on your mobile device. 

What if I navigate away from the app during my video visit?2020-09-08T12:10:35+00:00

If you navigate to another app during your video call, your appointment will stay open and pause in the background.

What is the rating screen for?2020-05-11T20:15:47+00:00

The rating screen is used for internal purposes only. This information allows us to understand how the app is working for both patients and cardiologists. 

How can I best prepare for the visit?2020-09-08T12:21:09+00:00

Maximize your visit by:

  1. Having either a written or digital log of your blood pressure and, for some patients, weight.
  2. Compile a list of questions for your cardiologist beforehand.
  3. Make sure you have an updated medication list and which medications, if any, have caused side effects.

Having all of this information prior to your appointment ensures you have time to properly address all your concerns.

What are wearables and how can they help me during my video visit?2020-05-14T23:17:49+00:00

Wearables are electronic devices that can be worn. They track real-time information typically related to health and fitness, such as heart rate, heart rhythm, respiratory rate, and sleep and activity patterns. There are wearables you can order directly and some that need to be ordered by your physician. Properly used wearables can provide useful information to both you and your cardiologist during your virtual visit.

Are there helpful tips to keep in mind during my visit?2020-05-14T23:24:00+00:00

Make the most out of your video visit by:

  1. Taking notes. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember everything you reviewed with your cardiologist, so taking notes ensures you don’t miss anything.
  2. Address your most concerning questions first. Again, this keeps you from missing the opportunity to discuss the issues you are most worried about.
  3. Have any wearable numbers (such as blood pressure) handy for easy reference.
  4. Be open about whether or not you’ve been taking your medications and any other habits your cardiologist should be aware of. Physicians make recommendations to you based on this information– if you are not straightforward, it could negatively impact you.

If you run into any technical problems before, during or after your video call, please contact us or (646) 586-9908.

What’s the best way to end my visit?2020-05-14T23:25:59+00:00

Try summarizing the following in your own words: your understanding of your heart condition and your cardiologist’s recommendations and follow-up plan. This will allow your cardiologist to fill in any gaps, just in case. Lastly, let your doctor know how your virtual visit went and if there’s anything else that may have made it a better experience.

What do I need to join an Instant Visit with my provider?2020-09-09T17:05:03+00:00

You do not need to download the app or create an account. All you need is your smartphone and reliable internet connectivity. You will receive a text message from Heartbeat Health, containing a link that works with the web browser on your phone. We support both iOS and Android.

How does an Instant Visit work?2020-09-09T17:09:14+00:00

You’ll receive a text message from a no-reply number (917-773-9289) inviting you to join a secure video call with a link. Tap on the link. Following this, you’ll see a screen asking for camera and microphone access — this is necessary so your provider can both hear and see you. Once you allow access, you’ll enter into the televisit where you will have your appointment with your cardiology provider.

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