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Heartbeat Health provides a streamlined, personalized approach to heart care through a virtual cardiology platform. Our innovative service, focused on heart-related conditions, has resulted in:

  • Cost savings for employers
  • Better outcomes for employees
  • Convenient treatment options
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As Featured On:

**Center for Disease Control, 2018, American Heart Association, 2019, National Institutes of Health, 2015, American Journal of Managed Care, 2010.

Virtual treatment for at-risk employees via telemedicine

Empower your team with digital heart health screenings and cardiology visits, access to CVD risk scores and other key tracking metrics, as well as health coaching.

Lower your costs while improving the healthcare services offered to your employees.

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Employer Onboarding


Request a consultation with our team to discuss how Heartbeat Health can impact your company.

Quick and easy implementation

Heartbeat Health provides a comprehensive and informed implementation plan, including kickoff, step-by-step setup, ongoing training, and 24/7 product support.

Improve employee heart health

Offer life-saving and comforting virtual doctor’s visits and personalized preventative care.

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Discover how Heartbeat Health can impact your company:

Heartbeat Health App

Heartbeat Health, and it’s app, created by leading cardiologist Dr. Jeff Wessler and a team of highly innovative technologists, is a full-service telemedicine platform. It offers your employees 24/7 access to everything they need.

Imagine your employees enjoying better heart health, emotional and physical wellness, less absenteeism, and the added benefit of cost savings for your company. It’s all possible with Heartbeat Health.

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Heartbeat Health App

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